Prophecies Foretold

A Hades Tarot Zine

An unofficial 78-card tarot deck dedicated to Supergiant Games' Hades.Status: Preorders!


Zine Announcement: Oct 29
Interest Check open: Nov 1
Interest Check closed: Dec 1
Contributor apps open: Dec 10
Contributor apps closed: Jan 14
Creation Period: Jan 20- June 10
-Feb 23: Check-in 1
-Apr 15: Check-in 2
-May 24: Check-in 3
-Jun 30: Finals Due
Pre-orders open: Aug 1
Pre-orders closed: Sep 8


Head mod, Organization, Social Media
Collector of trinkets and pretty things. Hades is my comfort game and I read tarot when I remember I own decks.

Art Mod
Your neighborhood gremlin who enjoys drawing, baking, and collecting succulents.

Graphics & Formatting
I'm Deli and I play too many games and usually do three things at once. The consequences of my own actions are painful to my sleep schedule

Art & Graphics
I'm a professional artist that likes to waddle around zines for fun. I love Hades and I read tarot as a hobby. I find Theseus deadly hilarious, fight me.

Hello, hello! I'm Bazi, hoarder of all things shiny. I'm a tarot fiend new to Hades, and am so hyped for this project!

Hello all! I know little about tarot but I've always been interested in Greek mythology and when I played Hades I fell in love with it once again! I'm really excited to be here!


What is a zine?

A zine is a non-official collaborative project for fans that is a collection of various pieces of creative outlets, i.e fanart, fanfiction, recipes, etc.

What is the theme of this zine?

The main focus of this zine is the Supergiant Games' Hades. The cards will feature various characters and pairings that appear in the game. With the announcement of Hades II, some characters from that game may be featured on some cards. Other Greek mythology elements will be allowed although they will be limited.

What will be included in this zine?

At the moment, we would like for this zine to include the full deck, guidebook, and a box to hold the cards in. The zine will be available in physical and digital formats. Merch bundles and stretch goals will also be available.

Is this project for-profit or for-charity?

This project will be for charity. Any funds left over after covering production and shipping will be donated.

Is there an age requirement?

Yes. Our age requirement to contribute to this zine is 16+.

Will writers be included in this zine?

Unfortunately, writers will not be included in this zine. We really do appreciate everything our writers do for the Hades fandom, however, we are limited on which contributors to invite since the primary focus will be the tarot deck.

Please reach out to our Retrospring or Tumblr asks if you have any questions that have not been answered here!


Card Artists

Merch Artists